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  Tejas RC Association Meeting
(DEC. 1, 2014)

Officers Present: John Pief (President) Alex Herz (Vice-President) Rick Michelena (Treasurer) Terry Maruska (Secretary) Dick Ware (Safety Officer) LLyod Seed (Field Marshall)

John Pief opened the meeting at 7:05 P.M. There were 17 members present, not enough for a quorum. John Pief wanted to suspend the rule regarding the quorum number. The membership voted to suspend the rule on quorum because no meetings were able to take place this summer. All members present agree accept with 1 member was opposed. Motion passed to suspend the rule regarding the quorum rule requiring 19 members to conduct a meeting.
Announcements: January 17, 2015 Fun fly will have Swap Meet provided by the Smash Club on the same day.
The neighbor to north of our property has concerns about club members on his property. John Pief has met with owner to locate a ladder to climb over his fence at a specified point. We must have the ability to remove the fence on our side of the fence. We want to be good neighbors and will come up with a ladder to serve this purpose and also must be removal on our side when we are not there.
John Pief received a notice from the acting city manager regarding the letter sent by Mark Bartlett that the club was flying to close to Middle Duster airport in violation of the FAA rules. This is the crop duster to our east and airport is not a controlled air space so no problem exists. John Pief has joined the Safety System Gov. as member in this organization. John Pief also meet with Cheryl Flores with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regarding holes in the dome as claimed by Mark and determined there is no issue after seeing our site. Cheryl Flores noted no violation.  Also Mark said we had failed to send of certificate of insurance to the city. Terry Maruska notified John Pief that the insurance certificate was sent on February 6, 2014 to the city of San Juan.
Mark Bartlett has sent a letter to John Pief offer his services to correct our problems including a complaint to the FBI. The FBI replied that Mark should notify the IRS about his concerns concerning the clubs. John Pief will not respond to this letter. John also met with the acting manager of San Juan to reassure him of the club compliance with all government regulations.
READING OF MINIUTES FROM LAST MEETING:  Minutes were emailed to all club members and accepted as received,
 TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s report was also sent all members.
Rick Michelena said that Dick Ware and LLyod Seed brought bills and both men have been paid for their bills that were submitted. They do not have checking accounts in the valley so they were paid in cash, which Rick Michelena has documented in the records. All members must pay their dues by January 31, 2015 to maintain their membership in the club.
Election of Officers: Nominations for President John Pief, Karl Bevers Vice-President, Terry Maruska Secretary, Treasurer Rick Michelena, Safety Officer Dick Ware, LLyod Seed Field Marshall.
Nominations are accepted as submitted to the membership and approved by the membership. Officers take office in January 2015.

 Carl Bevers reviewed the Bylaws as amended for the club. Minor changes were explained to the club and the pages reduced from 7 to 5 pages. Article 4 page 1 the quorum is reduced to 9 members with 2 officers present for a meeting. Article 5 page 2 all new members shall have a 1 year probationary status. Guest flying 3 days to fly and then get a Temporary Guest pass for $10 to fly for 30 days. The guest member must have club member present with them when they fly at the field.
Article 7  page 3 Nominations to be made in November, Elections to be held in December and Officers seated in January.
Article 9 page 3 Mike Fernandez recommended we change to the membership voting on the whether a member will be voted out. Mike has it written out what he purposes to change the bylaws.
As results of the discussion at the meeting it was decided to remove from the bylaws the disciplinary committee. The President will receive complaints and submit to the membership for a vote.
Article 12 page 4 addresses the flying site security, combinations as to who has it, merger and acquisitions. Page 5 addresses new members may be voted on, when recommended by 2 members when they are not present.
Motion to accept the bylaws as written with the change regarding the disciplinary committee. The bylaws are accepted as read and all members will receive a new copy by email for the secretary.
Rick Michelena wanted to address the monthly water bill from the city. Auto pay 26.13 ever month for water, but the membership determine that they want to keep the water on for use at the field. Mike Fernandez assured us the city would work with us if there were a water break.
P. O. box cost us $100 a year and we have to turn the keys. All in favor of getting rid of the P.O. box passed.
John Pief to conduct vote on Ron Bartlett membership by paper ballot. Motion to vote on whether to take Ron Bartlett’s membership for 2015.
John Pief with 11 members against and 4 members for his membership counted paper votes.
Ron Bartell will not be accepted for membership for 2015.
Motion to pay Dick Ware for treated lumber he bought for $110. Motion passed to pay Dick Ware.
OLD BUSINESS:   Lloyd Seed will have a workday on January 16, 2015 before the fun fly the next day. Smash club will have the swap meet on the east end of the field.
FOR THE GOOD OF THE CLUB: 2 members to vote on for membership. Joey (who flies jets) his membership is approved. Rick Martinez did not receive 75 % of the members present and his application is not approved. Email was sent to notify the club did not accept Rick Martinez.
Tejas R/C was adjourned at 9:10 P.M.