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  Tejas RC Association Meeting
(Feb 3, 2014)

Officers Present: Terry Maruska (Secretary)
Dick Ware (Safety Officer) LLyod Seed (Field Marshall)
Members Present 21

Terry Maruska opened the meeting at 7:30 P.M. filling in for Mario Rivas (President).
Terry read the minutes of the last meeting on January 6, 2014. No changes to minutes as read, the minutes are accepted read.
Randy Sweeten (Treasurer) unable to attend as he is teaching at the university. Rick Michelena reported he received email from the Randy as to the current balance of $6935.34 in the bank including receipts from Fun fly. Treasurer’s report for January will not be ready for the meeting as the bank statement was just available Monday afternoon and the meeting date is so close to the end of the month.

Old Business:
Dick Ware reported that results of the Fun fly were $1007.53 and it was a great day. On February 26, 2014 we go to the Texas Roadhouse in appreciation for their cooperation with gift cards for our Fun fly. A notice will be sent to all members.

New Business:
Porta-Potty needs cleaning so notice to John Pief for this business.
Terry Maruska reported the new application for AMA membership has been paid and sent to AMA. The AMA list, which was posted at the field as flown the coup, so a new one will be posted.

New members: James Lee, Raul Lozano, Ronnie Pitcock, Robert Primm, Charles Yow, Ralph Worden. Also Deigo Ioris and his 2 sons Federico and Martin. Jim and Diego had time to introduce themselves. The club members approved the new members to the Tejas R/C.
Rick Michelena reported meeting Joe Klein from Houston TX with a AMA card requesting permission to fly his helicopter at our field while in town. Good 3D pilot and he said he appreciated the warm welcome from our club.

Lloyd Seed made a motion to buy a used 8 by 20 foot steel container, which cost $2400, delivered to the site. Motion passed to buy the container (8 by 20) for the field. Permission from the city to place at the field by Mario Rivas and John Pief must be first obtained form the city of San Juan. Also motion to buy 2 new fire extinguishers and the cost not to exceed $100.00 was approved. 10 ABC fire extinguishers to be purchased by Lloyd Seed.
Gary Pierce had 1 gift card($30) from Texas Roadhouse to give away, winner was Cyrus Bunting. Meeting adjourned at 8:50PM