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  Tejas RC Association Meeting
(Dec 6, 2014)

Officers Present: Rick Michelena (President) John Pief (Vice-President) Treasurer Randy Sweeten Terry Maruska (Secretary) Dick Ware (Safety Officer LLyod Seed (Field Marshall)

Members Present: 26

President Michelena opened the meeting at 6:58 P.M.
The minutes of the previous meeting have been emailed to all club members. The minutes are accepted as posted with no changes or additions.

Randy Sweeten emailed the end of year statement to all members. Motion to accept treasurer’s report.

Old Business: The lock will be changed by Saturday. The new code was given to members and John Pief will notify the Fire Marshall, City Manager, and Animal control officer.

Shirts and Hats will require separate vendors to buy. LLyod Seed has been in charge of shirts and hats. Randy will email the current list of members to Terry Maruska so it can be posted at field in the flying box.

Election of officers for 2014 was held. Rick Michelena asked that all in favor raise their hands for Mario Rivas for President, John Pief for Vice-President, Randy Sweeten for Treasurer, Terry Maruska, Alex Herz & Dick Ware for Safety Officers, and LLyod Seed for Field Marshall.

Mario Rivas took over the meeting as the new President to conduct the remainder of the meeting.  Dick Ware was thanking members who have volunteered for the Fun Fly on January 18, 2014. Visitors are free to attend. Dick Ware sold $100 of raffle tickets at the meeting. Two $25 gift certificates from Texas Roadhouse were donated and we bought 2 more. The El Dorado has donated a $25 gift certificate for our Fun Fly. The menu will include cheeseburgers, brats, chips and water for the public and the flyers. We ask members to donate desserts we can sell at Fun Fly. LLyod Seed requested fire extinquishers for the show and Randy Sweeten could loan them to us. LLyod Seed said the clean up and workday to be determined by weather and the secretary will notify members to help.

We need a grill and Sears had stainless grill for sale including the covers. Rick Michelena made motion to buy the grill, which passed. Rick Michelena give to the club $110 towards the purchase of the new grill which had been raised in pervious meals at the field. A lock and chain will be bought to secure the grill. 

Two new members were introduced to the club. Bob Primm and Brian Goldammer.  They were given time to speak to the club.  New members were accepted by the club and given around of applause.

Dick Ware drew names for door prizes. Robert Reff received $25, Gene Cline and Gary Pierce received certificate for appetizer from Texas Roadhouse. We have 13 new members this year for total of 52 members in the club.